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Is your dog home alone?

Myah Dog Walking

Sometimes other commitments can stop you taking your dog for a walk such as work, children, and illness.  If you find yourself in this situation and you can’t give the dog the exercise he needs to stay content and healthy, then call Your Dog and Me.

I can provide this service, as and when you require it.

 The cost covers picking up your dog and returning them to your home after their exercise time.

 I am experienced at handling small, medium and large dogs and I can offer a great walking service.  Initially your dog will be walked on a lead until I feel confident that they know and trust me and will return when called.  I will also want you to give your signed permission for your dog to be let off the lead.

Your dog will be walked in a number of locations in order to make the walks more interesting, so they have much more fun and have different smells to sniff!

Your dog will be returned to your home stimulated, happy and content.

 A Happy dog makes for a happy owner.




Millie Home BoardingWhilst running the dog walking service and obedience training I had many enquires about boarding dogs in my home, so I thought I would include this service as well.  I personally feel that dogs that are cared for in a home environment are much happier than those in kennels. 

So if you are going away and need your dog cared for, even just for one night, Your Dog and Me can care for your dog in a loving home environment, with lots of cuddles and walks. While you can enjoy your time away, in the knowledge that your dog will be happy and well cared for.  Your dog will have access to our garden which is secure.

My only stipulation is that your dog is sociable and not aggressive with other dogs as I have my own and other peoples’ dogs to consider.  So I will want to meet your dog out in the park and at my home well before your dog stays with me. This initial meeting is free of charge and no obligation to either party.  In that way you can see your dog is happy and settled and I can see that all the dogs will get on.

I regret that I cannot accept uncastrated dogs over nine months old or bitches in season.

So take the worry out of your dog’s care and book ‘Your Dog and Me’




Jenny Dog Walking RalphJenny has walked our small dog ‘Millie’ since 2011, and we now rely on her services whenever we are out for long days. We know Millie always enjoys Jenny’s visits to our house and the walks, because when we come home, we find her happy and tired. We also appreciated the little extras, such as detailed notes about the walk and the welcome Jenny received from our dog. We would recommend Jenny’s services highly, because we have peace of mind and a happy dog!

Olga (Hatfield)

Jenny looked after my three Springer Spaniels while I went to a family wedding, I spend every minute with my dogs and was very nervous about having to leave them with someone else however Jenny made me feel at ease and I was confident that they were in good hands. One of my dogs is partially sighted with only 1/8ths sight in one eye Jenny was able to meet his needs also. When I finally picked my dogs up it was obvious that they had enjoyed themselves and I was happy that I chose the right person to look after my best friends.

Mike (St. Albans)

I can't thank Jenny enough for having our two dogs at short notice due to family funeral.  The dogs both know her from agility so they were happy to see her and her two dogs when we dropped them off.  We received lovely text messages letting us know that they were happy and behaving themselves - Pip can be a bit naughty!  We have never left them before but did not worry at all about leaving them  with Jenny as we knew they would be well cared for.  The dogs seemed very much at home when we went to pick them up and we truly believe they had a dome from home experience.

Lesley (Cheshunt)

Jenny stepped in when the normal boarding people I use couldn't fit Ruby, my Irish setter, in for the dates I required. What a fantastic find for me! But far more important for Ruby. I tell her she is going to the Ritz for her holidays, while I am roughing it in Spain.  Jenny takes a pride in other people's dogs. She knows that you are trusting her with one of your family and she treats them exactly as that. I couldn't recommend anyone better. Ironically, rather than worry about leaving my best friend, I consider that she is having a great time as well.

Danny (Herts.)